Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster allows for easier managing of what sites a user allows to set cookies and what sites cannot. It works best for users who do NOT accept cookies by default, although this is not necessary.

Cookie Monster Features

Temporary Permission for sites to leave cookies (permission removed and cookies deleted for site with temporary permission upon restart of Firefox)
Options to set general Firefox setting to block all cookies or to block 3rd Party Cookies
Menu options to view cookies for current site or all sites
A panel indicating the current status of cookies for the current site and domain appears while hovering over the cookie status indicating icon in the status bar
Third Party Cookie management
Functionality to Override Global Cookie Permissions on a per-site basis (this functionality is for a known problem with the DOM property navigator.cookieEnabled). In essence, if choosing "Accept Cookies ...." or "Accept Session Cookies...." for a site does not seem to work, this functionality may help and it may help with those sites requiring 3rd party cookies).

General Notes for ALL users:
Please note whether you have the Cookie Monster Option 'Use Second Level Domain Names' checked, because this dictates if cookie permissions are monitored and changed for the full domain name or the base domain name (e.g. or


Cookie Monster