Random Agent Spoofer

The latest full featured version will always be available on github, with certain features that are not allowed on this site. I am working to fix that but I may end up having to release a limited version on this site


Allows the user to choose a browser profile at random (From all available profiles or desktop profiles only)
Allows the user to specify the interval at which the random profiles are chosen. Interval can also be random, a specific time period or per session if not set
Allows the user to exclude profiles from random selection
Persistently remembers the users choice of profile and time interval if set in addition to other choices
Provides a quick toggle to enable/disable the addon via right clicking the icon as well as a checkbox in the UI
Provides option to toggle notifications of user agent changes
Allows vendor spoofing that was removed in firefox 24 Github version only
Sets other privacy attributes such as buildid, oscpu and platform and more
It has a left click menu of expandable lists to allow users to quickly choose specific profiles
It has a large list of profiles (nearly 400 at this time)
Option to limit local dom storage
Option to disable browser cache
Option to limit fonts to a standard set (monospace, serif, times new roman)
Option to limit tab history to two
Option to disable geolocation support
Option to disable dns prefetching
Option to disable link prefetching
Option to disable webgl
Option to disable webRTC Github version now, will be available in the next AMO release
Option to disable canvas element support Github version only
Option to protect window.name storage Github version only
Option to set referer header Github version now, will be available in the next AMO release
Option to set do not track header Github version now, will be available in the next AMO release
Options to send spoofed headers including via, x-forwarded-for and if-none-match.
Options to spoof the accept headers: documents, encoding and language (US English) so they match the spoofed profile
Option to override timezone offset to a random timezone, send nothing, specify one from a list or use the default one Github version only
Option to spoof screen and window sizes to a specific size or set at random Github version only

Please report any issues or bugs at https://github.com/dillbyrne/random-agent-spoofer/issues

More options will be added as time goes on

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Random Agent Spoofer