About our changes to better comply with the GDPR

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Hello, fellow trisquelians!

To better adapt our site to the EU General Data Protection Regulations, we've included some useful information for you all in the shape of a privacy policy. We've also added a link from the main menu to said policy and we're sending you this notice to remind you of our stance regarding these matters.

In our Privacy Policy page we explain the type and (minimal) amounts of user data that we store for the normal functioning of the site, and we also address the visibility of personal data (specifically the email addresses used to send your posts to the mailing lists), the procedure for deleting your own account and the one for accessing your stored data.

Our website should probably not be the type of objective the EU regulators are after with the GDPR, since we have just a bit of your personal information and it's both provided by direct means (when you register your account) and used only by the site software for its intended purpose of giving you a voice in the community, but it's better to be ready than regret some fine.

Regarding deletion of your own account, we've enabled the previously unavailable option to remove it without our intervention. The reasoning to not provide this function before still stands in our mind, so we ask you to read about the ideal procedure for deleting your account if you so want without the Trisquel community losing the useful support information that you or others may have provided in conversations you were involved with.

Best regards and thank you for your patience.