Concerning the right to have justice

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Jonathan Matt Gresham
Joined: 07/24/2023

I am interested in researching facts concerning capitalism which many
workers, or unemployed may be involved with or sensitive to because it
means something that is connected with their struggle. I am also
interested of course in the Linux Foundation, GNU Project, and W3C, as
a method to make Microsoft stop enforcing restrictions and injustices
on their users. The patent system is an invention that makes
distribution in the world not correct. Even without the patent system,
people could still feel alienated from the inherent contradictions in
the capitalist structure. The GNU General Public License must become an
enforced standard if one desires less of Microsoft and "more
cooperation" (“The GNU Operating System and the Free Software
Movement”). Perhaps we can organize against Microsoft as something that
must be extinguished because one cannot audit an authority figure on a
computer if there is too much proprietary software in the way;
proprietary software is enforced by schools and governments. The patent
system also makes the distribution of medicine unfair to those that are
not better off (Pogge). Please look into these issues, and see if we
can research a way for facts to become apparent to lay people; so that
people may get their medicine; and so that regular people can be more
involved with governments, activism and the making of decisions in the
working class.

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