Could Free Software be the New Money?

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After reading the "Selling Free Software" section of the GNU website, an idea popped into my head. Here's how it would go:

A man walks into the store. He sees an awesome computer. He brings it to the cashier to check out the item.

"Alright," says the cashier. "300 copies of Trisquel GNU/Linux."

"Damn," the customer says. "I only made 200!"

"Well, do you have a coupon?"

"Yes, actually." The cashier scans it.

"Okay...150 copies of Trisquel GNU/Linux."

The customer hands over 125 home-made DVDs of Trisquel and 25 commercial-looking ones. Then he pays the tax of 30 copies of FreeDOS, and a warranty fee of 50 copies of LibreOffice for Trisquel.

"Thanks," said the cashier. "Enjoy your computer!"

Then the cashier takes all the 230 Free Software DVDs and deposits them in the bank, which holds a total of 400,000 DVDs., and which transfers the DVDs via debit card.


Well, what do you think of my analogy? Should Free Software BE the money, since there is freedom to sell it?