F-droid priorly unexpected benefits

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On the late in this October I have fully quit gapps (Google's nonfree libraries) and begun using F-droid, due to software freedom, cyber security, finally privacy.
By the first few days using F-droid my phone spends my less data usages and less battery consumption, within upgrading my Parabola and Trisquel software in my laptop the pacman and apt have been almost no longer lagged and stabilized to a network speed of 19~20 KiB/s, but before this pacman and apt were suffered under an unacceptable speed under 16KiB/s but also were lagged often to usual.
By having bench-marked for F-droid I need to leave a message thanks to them, and thanks to our software freedom at all.

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Lineage is the replacement for CyanogenMod, same developers too.

I'd also like to submit Copperhead OS as an option. It ships with F-droid and offers great security options out of the box over nay other Rom, though Replicant has collaborated with them on the security front. https://copperhead.co/android/