Fixing Caja's crashing when previewing audio files

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Joined: 02/12/2015

Caja was crashing for me when my mouse would role over an audio file in a folder, and Mate was crashing and I was being thrown into a tty with gstreamer playing the audio in the background. I figured out the fix was to go to preferences in Caja, go to the "Previews" tab, and change the Sound Files preview setting to be "Never".

This might be affecting me in this way because I had removed lightdm and have been starting the Mate desktop session from the tty. It's possible this doesn't affect other, smarter Trisquel users who allow lightdm to manage the desktop environment and the Xorg session.

I'm mainly writing this as a how-to for my future self when I search for a fix again for this in the future. But if anyone has any thoughts or comments or has run into this themselves, leave a reply and I'll be happy to talk to you about it.