Free software powerpc raptor atx micro mainboard marketing campaign

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Joined: 09/08/2014
Credit to uboot.

When I asked raptor if they would make a lower priced, about
500usd, free software powerpc atx mainboard, they
dismissed my suggestion saying it would not be saleable.

Now raptor has decided differently and apparently will manufacture
a free software powerpc micro atx mainboard.

I foresee if I ask fsf to promote and test the mainboard it
will respond sluggishly again.

We should organize a large scale marketing campaign, ensuring
every person sympathizing about free software gets to now about
the mainboard.

Maybe we will have to open fb and twitter accounts during the
campaign. We should make use of all major gnulinux forums.

I will email raptor asking them what we can do for them? I
think it will be a difficult task to get the mainboard
into a low price range. Likely it requires an initial
sale of 50000 mainboards.