i can once again use trisquel live without systemd (command line only)

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# as root
mkdir /mnt/mkrefpup && cd /mnt/mkrefpup
wget -O- https://ptpb.pw/o17C > mkfreemos01.fig ; cat mkfreemos01.fig | sha256sum | grep 0408cb80786f74f0e788d27f61d63a092b521d8c349ff873b13045f31cda595b

requires fig (a free software python 2 script, link in source)

this automates removing systemd as trisquels init. it takes out every package that explicitly depends on it. mkfreemos does not automate its own installation, youll need genisoimage and syslinux (at least isohybrid) and squashfs tools.

the primary goal was simply to remove systemd and still boot. i was hoping for a graphical environment on the first try, but even startx icewm (it replaces mate with icewm) doesnt work. i havent taken more than a couple minutes to try to figure out why. but this does boot into trisquel (it also has a working apt system and network, at least in qemu) and lets you use the system. it doesnt automatically remove the files in /lib/systemd though you can remove those as well (i havent tried removing the subfolders, that probably wont work.)

screencap: https://freemedia.neocities.org/images/trisquel.png