Improving for mobile device users

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Joined: 05/14/2015

I note that Mangey Dog recently filed this bug about the difficulty of using the site on a mobile device:

I'd just like to add that having recently got a mobile device, I can see the problem. Fennec F-Droid renders the site as best it can, but the layout is designed for desktop users, and seems to make no accommodation for the smaller screens on mobile devices, nor the fact that links need to be large enough to be activated by touching the screen. I have to do a lot of zooming in and out to be able to activate links, and the way the style sheet works often makes that very awkward to do.

Is there anything the Trisquel user community could do to help get the site updated, so that it can detect users on mobile devices and serve them a mobile-friendly version of the site? Is there anyone who can volunteer to do the design for this, or research any back-end changes required? Could we crowdfund to pay someone to do this upgrade work?

To be clear, I don't think that the lack of a mobile-friendly site is very likely to prevent new users from obtaining and installing Trisquel, since they would need to have have a desktop or laptop to do that anyway. But I do think it hampers people's ability to be part of the community using these web forums. For example, the fact that the Great Firewall appears to be blocking these forums in China (but not itself) and ExpressVPN isn't working on Trisquel means the only ways I can currently access the forums (even before my AA1 laptop broke down) is with my mobile device (or my wife's MacBook).