The iwl3945 desaster using trisquel-7.0-i686.iso BUG REPORT

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One of my computers is a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 mk1 which has an Intel Wifi card installed. When installing trisquel-7.0-i686.iso on such a computer, the computer is almost unusable. The system is sluggish and the logout takes more than two minutes.
When trying to invoke the TTY via Alt-Ctrl-F1 one can observe that there is no login, but an almost unreadable message produces several times per second mentioning something like "iwl3945 missing free firmware".

My install was done with a USB wifi card bought at ThinkPenguin and the system should not care about the Intel card inside.

I just removed the Intel card and the system is running fine.

Please remove that bug.

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It may have already been removed in the more recent versions of the kernel: