List of Trisquel Audio Productivity Resources

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Hello, Trisquel community. I am trying to list out resources on Audio
Productivity for Trisquel. These are information collection which are
loosely related to the project but the software and the documentation
at least can be installed on or used with Trisquel. I hope this helps
friends who work with audio on Trisquel. You can share your audio
resources too here.

" is an evolving hub of software details and aggregated
release updates on FOSS for audio, visual and related software."

Linux Audio
" is a not-for-profit consortium of libre software
projects and artists, companies, institutions, organizations, and
hardware vendors using Linux kernel-based systems and allied libre
software for audio-related work, ..."

"Welcome to the Linux Audio Wiki, the exhaustive reference for all
things Linux Audio! "

Linux Sound
"Sound & MIDI Software For Linux"

"Take control of your art. Design your own digital studio."

"Studioware is a project aimed at providing SlackBuild scripts for the
best open source audio, video and photo editing software available for
Slackware Linux."

Ubuntu Studio
"A free and open operating system for creative people."

Linux Musicians
"creating music freely"