Problems with gaming and Trisquel 9

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Hey, I installed the Trisquel 9 testing build on a T400 that I just bough that I'm too scared to try to libreboot.

Anyway, I noticed openarena segfaults when you try to play it and I've noticed Fceux, nestopia and higan is in the repos (along with wine) and there's very few excuses to use those programs other than cheating on your FLOSS lifetyle, maybe one exception would be running console game from github and you have the source code with a freedom respecting license and one great reason to have these programs doesn't seem to work in our builds, and that's reverse-engineering, the builds of the emulators we have don't have the debugger for the emulated cpu. This guy has a debugger in his build of Fceux and it's only one release newer than the one the repos have.

I would like the emulator builds to have the built in debugger because I would like to get into reverse-engineering and I figure the easiest way to start is from one of the simplest cpus made, it's so simple, there are videos of people making them on multiple boards and that can be done because it has under 5,000 transistors, it had a clock rate under 2mhz and the NES/Famicom could only execute code during the V-Blank (so there shouldn't be a lot of code running) and since it's 8-bit, the ints only go up to 255, so they can be easy to guess. People say you should "learn programming by solving a problem". Ok, I've got two problems, A:It's a voodoo magic black box and B: the game sucks. So I'm thinking maybe I should reimplement the program rom and call it "Quester's Fest", just something that would get me started in reverse-engineering.