Re: Develop Mobile Apps With a Scheme Variant -, Its posible?

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Zelphir Kaltstahl
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Android development is a mess and usually assumes, that you use Java or
something on the JVM, that has the facilities to interface with the
Android stuff. It is possible to use other programming languages, for
example Python with Kivy, but often this will limit, what you can do.
Android is kind of locked down, so that you are always nudged towards
using what Google wants you to use on Android. Last time I tried using
Android Studio, it also sucked and had many bugs in its preview display
of what a view looks like, so that I gave up on using the graphical editor.

Using Emacs for Android development, while theoretically possible, would
probably be painful. There are many of little files you need to keep up
to date for Android apps, if you follow the typical structure suggested
in Android Studio. I am unaware of any Emacs package, which would take
care of all that overhead for you.

Proper access to a full terminal is also not available unless you root
the phone, afaik, so you would have to develop a GUI app. This means you
would have to use something with access to a GUI library on Android.

I would recommend not to make Android apps and instead make a good
website / web app, which is displayed nicely also on phone. If that is
not possible, you might have to consider learning another programming
language for that project. I found
on a quick search, but that is also on the JVM, so probably no proper
recursion or TCO. I also found the following:


Perhaps the situation is not as bad any longer as I have experienced it,
but it is still far from allowing to use any tool you want comfortably.

~ Zelphir

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> hello, i'm a semi early php programer, but i have a question, if is posible
> write a free/libre mobile apps with a Scheme variant language, im
> familiarized with elisp. so, in a work oportunitie, i dont like the normal
> non-free option for write a android app, i want use emacs for develop android
> apps in all is posible, and too write with free libre licencing