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there is a blog about credit karma and basically saying how great they are but their apps are proprietary software and then they talk about being the open organization but this is somehow related to open source but their apps are spyware yet the opensource website is promoting them this is not a joke not to mention google play does a horrable job at filtering spyware from thier store whereas on fdroid there is no spyware not to mention credit karma is unnecessary as the credit reporting agencies are required to give you a free credit report every year



Credit Karma shows personalized offers based on consumer credit profiles. These offers are from partners and advertisers who share our vision of consumer empowerment. The premise of our service is to provide value to both consumers and advertisers equally by using advertising revenue to subsidize the cost of credit scores, and then matching offers to users appropriately based on their credit profile.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at name at domain.