Uruk 3.0 - Beta-1

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Our story continues
and the Darkness enemy has been defeated
But the curses didn't stop
We faced problems with the installer
and We started thinking about going back to the old building
but We heard old unix Wizard Tell us
The guest who has escaped from the roof, will think twice before he comes back in by the door.
It's great wisdom

So we're back to fighting
the scary enemy was torn
yes , we threw down the enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin.
And now without darkness and the old installer curse
We can fly in the sky among the stars
and Today in the name of freedom and the joy of victory,
Uruk GNU/Linux 3.0 - Beta-1 is here with many changes:
- replacing clamares with live-installer
- uruk updater to manage your system updates (beta version)
- Adding some packages like:
- AIA (rebuild)
- upms (rebuild)
- urukwelcome (rebuild)
- uruk source builder (rebuild)
- And some other staff you will find it

now, it's your turn to testing

were waiting for your replies