What free software (related) services are you willing to pay for?

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To avoid pushing the thread in a specific direction I will hint few
things, but this is really an open question. Every service of course has its details and corner cases, but this is of less importance for my itch right now. I am curious about the broader terms.

I am aware that there is similar discussion on the forum, but that was long time ago. I am wondering what new or still unsatisfied old needs most of you have that you are willing to pay for.

Feel free to skip anything that you don't want to share.
More than one service (0) and its details (1-4) are appreciated.

0. What kind of free software service are you willing to pay for?
A service could be:
- A bug fix in a software package
- New feature in a software package
- Entirely new software package (i.e. no libre alternative)
- Hosted/managed (with strict privacy and control in mind) specific free software.
- Tutoring (novice/general, expert/specific etc.)
- You name it

1. How much are you willing to pay for this service?
The payment could be:
- One time
- Monthly
- Yearly
- You name it

Amount in your national currency is appreciated.

2. What do you consider as acceptable payment methods?
- One primary and one fallback would be great.
- Only real world working methods at the moment would be great.

3. What free software related service you will (almost) never pay for?
The same rule as for 0. apply here.

4. What will be a show stopper for such service?
Example show stoppers for hosted/manged service (without making them mandatory):
- The distribution is not in the FSF recommended list
- The hosting/VPS provider is not running free software BIOS.
- You name it.

Here are two unusual (I guess) examples for 0:
- MediaGoblin hosting. I do not know if it still has momentum.
- Tor relays providing bandwidth. What kind - middle/exit/bridge?