Good press, many downloads, and Bitcoins

Following our latest release we started to get some buzz in the internets about it:

In particular the PCWorld piece is a good example on how mainstream media is becoming more aware of the freedom issues that caused all this GNU/Linux thing to start in the first place.

Despite the good press we still need to do a bigger effort on reaching the public, so we will start to send press releases to different publications. You can help by writing about us in your blogs or other social media. We will also continue to show our work in conferences and other free software events, as we just did in LibrePlanet.

Over 200.000 tracked downloads

We just reached a cute milestone as our downloads page got over 200k downloads this weekend. This is just a part of the total, as direct downloads that aren't done through that page are not accounted (that includes DistroWatch links, events like the FLISoL and other install fests, and most torrent downloads).

Although it makes us very happy it is still a small number, but downloads have increased steadlily ever since our first release along with our website visits (70.000 different visitors this month!) and that makes us grateful and confident on the future of the project. Thanks everybody for the support!

Now accepting Bitcoin donations

And to continue with a more mundane kind of support, starting today you can donate to the project using Bitcoin, the social and decentralized virtual currency..

Bitcoin Address: 166PtEzrXoAHRbvp76F3qEokNCZquVWZ5e

We will be doing some improvements to the donation system very soon, our goals are to allow direct credit card donations, add other payment methods, and integrate donations better with the membership program. Stay tuned.