Autologin Option During Install Doesn't Work

Project:Trisquel mini
Component:User interface
Category:bug report

In order to get autologin to work, you have to manually edit /etc/alternatives/lxdm.conf and set 'autologin=' (of which was set to autologin=dgod, which isn't my username for sure) to 'autologin=yourusername'

It may be worth noting that /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf had correctly set 'autologin=' to use my username, but autologin still didn't work. There is also a file named 'default.conf' in /etc/lxdm/ which is in fact just a symlink to /etc/alternatives/lxdm.conf

I searched around this site and I didn't find anyone having this problem-- but I've had this problem on all of my computers and even on virtual box (and I've tried different CDs and ISOs). I searched the web and found a page about LXDM, which lead me to my solution:

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 19:10

In order to enable autologin open a terminal and type :

$ gksu leafpad /etc/alternatives/lxdm.conf

First change the setting 'autologin=dgod' to 'autologin=yourusername' as told above,
and don't forget to delete the '#' before 'autologin', unless this line will be ignored.