[GFSD] Google Docs and SkyDrive online services to 'documents' program is against free Software spirit

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The GNOME Help(Main Menu > Accessories > Help > type 'Documents' in search box) describes documents stored on a remote server like Google Docs or SkyDrive can be viewed via documets program, without being them downloaded locally and even describes how, which is a violation of GFSD guidelines(Please read on).

Google Docs is Google's "software as a service"(SAAS) office suite written in Proprietary javascript for web apps, while Skydrive is a File hosting service(which in effect is SAAS because users can indeed store their documents in a local machine), for storing user documents.

Since both contains SAAS, which is against ideals of Free software(M$ can remove documents which it considers violates its law or temporarily or permanently delete user accounts for such violations) and Google Doc in perticularly contains non-free javascript for online file creation and sharing of Docs.

Please discourage 'document' developers from including these non-free services and comply with the spirit of free software.

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Mon, 11/24/2014 - 23:42

I agree with your assessment but this issue really needs to be raised upstream at GNOME. The entire GNOME Help program is littered with references to proprietary online services.