PCManFM won't do file searches

Project:Trisquel mini
Category:bug report

In the PCManFM menu there is a file search, but it's greyed out.
Neither with gnome-polkit nor with lxpolkit does it work. Thought it might be the authentication thing and followed the steps here to install lxpolkit:
But in none of the cases did it work. With lxpolkit installed i tried gksudo pcmanfm (and got successfully into the graphical su mode), but that didn't help either. This way, when i closed the su PCManFM window, i got a message like this in the terminal (the number varies):
** (pcmanfm:2806): WARNING **: modules directory is not accessible
When i had opened a folder before closing the window, this message was followed by something like this for one or all the files in the folder:
I/O Error: Couldn't open file '/home/....pdf': Permission denied.

Sat, 11/07/2015 - 08:05


Maybe that will help?

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 00:27

Yes, thanks, from there i found my way.
It works after installing the package libfm-modules.
See also:
http://sourceforge.net/p/pcmanfm/bugs/889/ (referring not to the file search problem, but only to the module error message i mentioned)
"Without modules you will be not able to browse applications, do search, untrash files, empty trash can, and edit any shortcuts.
Do you have following directories (it's for Lubuntu 64 bit)?
In case if you don't have first one the message is appropriate and notifies you don't have modules installed (and libfm-modules package should be recommended therefore installed by default). In case if you don't have second one your pcmanfm package is broken, it should include that directory. In any case it is not the pcmanfm source issue but package installation one, we cannot do anything with it."

Untrash file and empty trash was possible before, so i don't understand this statement.
But i don't have the second mentioned directory in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu. Is that really a problem?

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 08:40

http://sourceforge.net/p/pcmanfm/bugs/924/ - same question as you

try creating the directory "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pcmanfm" in the terminal. But only if you get an error "modules directory is not accessible" message. usually it is displayed as: ** (pcmanfm:1530): WARNING **: modules directory is not accessible.

pcmanfm /home/$USER/folder should successfully open the folder (it does on 12.04), and if not, perhaps there is a problem with your installation. You could reinstall pcmanfm, or try specifying the daemon mode when you open a folder:

pcmanfm -d /home/$USER/folder

The -d stands for daemon mode and not directory; you used to be able to use -t for new tab and -n for new window with pcmanfm, but those switches don't seem to work now.

The manpage doesn't list all the options, so to list them all run pcmanfm --help. One further option which might be of interest is the --display= option, but you shouldn't need to specify a display if you only have the one. (Your current display can be found with echo $DISPLAY). So, an example command running pcmanfm in daemon mode and specifying a display would be:

pcmanfm -d /home/mike/Videos --display=:0.0

Here are the other options found with pcmanfm --help

Also try this:

pcmanfm --desktop-off
pcmanfm /home/ --no-desktop

if you are running from a script, in that case use the absolute path for pcman. In some machines, script does not get the path.

## In one of my script, I see I have Written in this way
/usr/bin/pcmanfm /home/nafis/touch/

##In the same script, opening chromium-browser was like this.
chromium-browser http://askubuntu.com/questions/258254/how-do-i-open-pcmanfm-in-a-specific-directory

Try the absolute path. and the man-page is helpful.

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 01:54

I don't understand why i should do that. I don't get that error message any more.
And from what i see here:
there is not much that the mentioned /.../pcmanfm folder would be there for.

The only thing that is still lacking is to be able to open a file as root in PCManFM. Don't know if that is possible. Would be a nice feature in the right-click menu, or in the Tools menu.
At least i now have the applications in the folder list.

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:34

It is risky to stay in an environment with root privileges. It is better to perform single commands with sudo (and be reminded that they are powerful and potentially risky).

It is possible to launch pcmanfm from a terminal window with the command:

gksudo pcmanfm

and get root permissions, but I do not recommend it. To refine that a little, it is less unsafe to launch it with gksudo since it is a graphical program.

I'm pretty sure that built in function is quite gone. There was some discussion about removing it and the reasons for doing so, which could probably be tracked down in the mailing lists. But it was removed deliberately. Maybe if PCManFM supports plug-ins one of the plug-ins might restore that functionality