Wiki alphabetical manual page order not being respected

Status:needs more info

I have created 4 wiki pages: Guide d'installation

Essayer Trisquel sans l'installer

Installation guidée

I have followed the instructions as indicated make the wiki page an enfant of

The 2 pages withe "E" "Essayer" are in the alpahbetical order

But adding 2 pages with "I" "Installation" does not respect the alphabetical order on the botom of the page despite the fact that the pages are created in the same way as the "E" "Essayer pages"

I will be adding 2 or 3 more "installation pages"(text mode /LVM Install)

to note that ""créer de la musique, métadonnée, traitement de texte, Gnu/Linux, trisquel-mini""

are not either in alphabetical order

Thanks for any info when possible of course ;-)

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 08:52

Having added 3 more "I" Installation pages
out of 7 pages added
3 did not respect the Alphabetical order,despite the fact that the same process was used.