aqemu problem "Invalid SPICE port!" prevents starting virtual machines not using SPICE

Category:bug report

After clean install -- sudo apt install aqemu -- from Trisquel 8/Flidas repositories, aqemu can't launch a created VM because this message appers:

"SPICE port number incorrect!"

It seems that SPICE port numbers fail validation even if SPICE is not being used.

A workaround is listed upstream:

To work around the issue with VMs created in aqemu, I had to provide port numbers for SPICE even if not using it:
1. Check the box to enable SPICE (underneath "Other" tab -- choose "SPICE" tab)
2. Enter the value "1" in the boxes for Port, SPort, and Host
3. Uncheck the box at top left, disabling SPICE
4. After doing this, the VM works normally.

This seems to be aqemu bug #48:

Their bug report says that the bug was fixed in aqemu 0.9.1. At time of this writing, Trisquel 8/Flidas provides aqemu version 0.8.2 dated 2011.07.27.

Hope this helps someone.