popularity-contest (popcon) is configured to report to Ubuntu if activated (privacy problem)

Category:bug report

The configuration of popularity-contest 1.64ubuntu2 as shipped with Trisquel 8.0 is set to report usage to Ubuntu if the package is turned on. This is a privacy issue.

The package can be activated via a few different methods and configuration files, so it's possible that a user might activate popcon without realizing that it reports to Ubuntu instead of to Trisquel.

The configuration items I noticed that contain ubuntu-specific information are as follows:

Line 31 of /usr/share/popularity-contest/default.conf which reads:

Line 49 of /usr/share/popularity-contest/default.conf which reads:

Additionally, when running dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest, the information presented invites the user to look at the popcon information at an ubuntu-specific address (http://popcon.ubuntu.com/).

Suggested corrections:
If Trisquel wants to operate a popcon server so that we as a group can build a database of our own information, then a Trisquel-specific email address, url, and associated information should be specified here.

If not, then Ubuntu-specific information should be removed and generic/example information be put in its place.

Thanks & Peace.