Error Realtek rtl 8723BE

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El controlador RTL 8723Be no es libre, por alguno motivo este fue mal cargado en y se encuentra ademas en los repos de Trisquel.

La FSF el departamento de desarrollo lo bloquea comparto la explicación que me aporto Alexandre Oliva ya que no soy entendido en el área.

En el resto de las distribuciones este controlador ya es problemático tiene ademas problemas de baja señal.

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Sat, 01/23/2021 - 23:36
Priority:normal» critical

Note: I don't own this device, I'm only helping by giving some context.

To give some context, this was also reported on a XMPP chat room for users of free/libre distros ( usuários-gnu under ).

With kernel 4.15 from Trisquel 9 the device works, but in kernel 5.10 from any Linux-libre mirror, say Jason Self's, it doesn't work.

To make this even more delicate, there are people claiming in h-node that it's supposed to work but for that a “dummy name” would have to be provided on the source where the firmware file name to load is specified.

If possible, please investigate the issue or provide help on how to test and solve this.

I also just reported this to the Linux-libre kernel mailing list, but it didn't appear in the archives (I'll wait some days before I consider it an issue with their SMTP server).