Can't install on 32-bit non-SSE2 (i.e. Pentium III or earlier) PC and can't disable 'ubiquity' slide slow during install attempt

Project:Trisquel mini
Category:bug report

Trisquel leverages the 'ubiquity' installer from Ubuntu to provide hard drive installation. That installer in turn leverages WebKitGtk to provide an entertaining graphical slideslow during the installation process. Unfortunately, in recent years WebKitGtk has begun utilizing the SSE2 instruction set even on the 32-bit builds despite prior reassurances they never would. Consequently, the Trisquel installer now crashes on these machines due to the failed launch of the slideshow! (Midori, the web browser based on WebKitGtk, also crashes for the same reason)

There is an internal option available in Ubiquity to disable the slideshow, however this must not have been tested in a long time, because the installer crashes mid-way through the installation process on all hardware when this option is enabled. Furthermore, there does not appear to be a command-line only installer or installation mode for Ubiquity that could be used instead?

There also isn't enough RAM disk space on the /cow live root to perform an APT upgrade installation of WebKitGtk or Ubiquity, so the only way to apply a patch of fix package is by sideloading a .deb package in the ALT-F2 terminal. The only way I was able to work around these multiple obstacles was to download (on a separate computer) the Debian source package for WebKitGtk, modify the build script compiler flags to only enable SSE (i.e. SSE1) instructions, and buildta replacement .deb package to install into the live session. This procedure not only fixes the Ubiquity installer slideshow crash, but also the Midori browser!

Trisquel really needs to fix this issue with the Ubiquity installer in one of the following ways discussed above:
1) Provide a non-SSE2 binary build of the WebKitGtk package in its repository (which I could provide with a little help),
2) Fix the crash of Ubiquity when the slideshow is set to 'hidden', along with providing a command-line argument or UI dialog to disable it,
or 3) Provide an alternative command-line installer or installation mode.

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 19:55

Have you tried the netinstaller?

I might point out that more and more applications might need the SSE2 instruction, so the experience might be limited regardless the ubiquity installer and it will be more notable as in Ubuntu dropping 32 bits support for 20.04 and further releases, thus Trisquel 10 will not support it either.

Please confirm you can install using the text installer (netinstaller).

Etiona will be around 'til April of 2023, so you can take around a couple of years more from that specific hardware.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 08:13
Status:active» needs more info

Please provide some feedback on the matter.

Mon, 02/07/2022 - 13:30
Status:needs more info» closed

Please feel free to reopen if the netinstaller can't solve your issue.