Current Abrowser for Trisquel 8 (87.0, 32 bits): Library window column resize fails

Category:bug report

In Abrowser, we can access the Library window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+H.
The Library window shows the historical register of web addresses accessed by Abrowser.
On the left side, we can select the desired time frame.
On the right side, we are shown the name of the web addresses accessed along with more, customizable, columns.
The size of the columns is adjustable by moving the mouse pointer to the header line and placing in over the frontier between two columns - then the mouse pointer turns into a double-ended arrow. We should be able to resize columns by pressing click and dragging the cursor then.
However, the current behavior is wrong. Depending on the number of columns, it will not work at all, or work for the worst.
I tried to enlarge the "Last visit" column, only to get it narrowed up to the point where only three dots were shown - then it was impossible to enlarge it again. I happened to need to consult the last visit data, so I found this to be infuriating. This behavior persisted after closing the History window and opening again, so I was afraid of having to reset all of the Abrowser configuration data to be recover the ability to consult the last visit data.
By experimenting, I discovered that by adding more columns and dragging a *different* column frontier, I could manage to enlarge the last visit column again.

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