Super Tux Kart -> Super Freedo Kart?

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Currently I think there's a freedom flaw in Super Tux Kart:

The BSD Daemon is copyrighted. Permission was granted to Super Tux Kart project to reuse, but from what I understand, if I then wanted to fork Super Tux Kart I would be unable to use the BSD Daemon.

I therefore think the BSD Daemon should be removed from Super Tux Kart.

Though as you can see from the title I wonder if we should go further. Tux is the mascot of Linus' Kernel, which contains non-free components. Perhaps we should recolor him blue and name him Freedo, after the Linux-Libre Kernel (Freedo is not as pudgy as Tux, but as a quick fix it should be enough). Similarly Puffy is the mascot of the openBSD project, which contains non-free software (worse, the openBSD project has been extremely hostile to the FSF, using Puffy in a comic to fight against the idea of copyleft and the FSDG[1]), perhaps he should be removed as well less it appear we are endorsing these cute characters, and their respective freedom-flawed software. As well as you can see from the above bug report there's an open question if Puffy is even able to be used.

I haven't played STK very much, but I would wager there would probably be an issue with outright deleting these characters (they probably show up somewhere in story mode? I haven't played the story mode). Here's possible replacements for the BSD Daemon and Puffy:

Replicant (mascot of Replicant):
Katie (mascot of KDE women's community):


Wed, 12/08/2021 - 03:41

I don't think this is an actual issue. The Beastie kart in STK is not derived from the nonfree Beastie mascot. Also, GFSD doesn't require nonfunctional data to be under a free license anyway.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 06:08
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I agree with Legimet take on the matter.

Whether there might be changes that we would like to see happen this is more of a cosmetic issue that AFAICT there is no freedom issue involved.