Bad Auto-partition

Category:bug report
Status:needs more info

I was installing Trisquel normally but it failed when, after selecting "install alongside other OS", independently of the size of Trisquel space, it always failed saying something like "It was not possible to make the partitions. Do it manually" (really the notification was longer). I tried running Gparted, but I couldn't finish of charging, which was very strange (I left it more than 30 minutes trying it).

I finally tried to install trisquel 4.0 mini and it worked without problems.

FYI: The partion table was strange: It had a ~130 MB fat16 first partition, then a bigger ntfs ~3GB and then the rest in a ntfs one. It had only one Windows installation, but after installing Trisquel 3.5, it was possible to choose 2 Windows loaders in boot menu.

Sat, 09/15/2012 - 17:29
Status:active» needs more info

Trisquel 4.5 has just reached end of life. Does this happen with any currently supported version of Trisquel?