orca hangs gnome-shell when told to quit

Category:bug report

I've filed a bug with gnome:


I launched the orca application, and enabled speech through the command-line
setup. Then it told me that it would be enabled when I logged in and out, and
asked me if I would like to log out. However, the terminal window had already

Then I opened orca without logging out, and the speech was working. I then
disabled 'enable speech' in the preferences box and pressed 'OK'. Speech
stopped. Then I quit orca, and the window floated for a bit, then gnome shell
became completely unresponsive.

I switched to a tty and killed (-9) both processes that grepped of orca. That
fixed gnome shell.

Then I reopened it, and quit without problems.

Later, I reopened it, and either right away or after I opened the prefereces
window, orca was talking again. I hit 'cancel', then quit, and the same
gnome-shell unresponsiveness occurred. I fixed it the same way.

Wed, 06/27/2012 - 15:15