Unity and Unity-2D uses Ubuntu logo

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The Ubuntu logo is visible in the HUD start icon when Unity is installed by default. Not only would a Trisquel logo be preferable, but I may be correct in saying that the Ubuntu logo is trademarked. While this trademark may not necessarily impede the Trisquel GNU/Linux project's ability to use and redistribute the logo, the very fact that such a trademark exists is probably not in the spirit of Trisquel's commitment to free and libre software and content.

As per the Ubuntu Trademark & Copyright Policy:

"For example, when a user receives a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed, the system must not differ from a fresh installation with the standard Ubuntu image, unless the modifications have been provided, or approved and certified, by Canonical - or they are within the range of changes we allow as an Ubuntu Remix. When a virtual machine image is published or launched, it must also comply with this policy, so that the Ubuntu experience is consistent across different service providers. When a user of such a system or image updates that system, all the updates they receive must be consistent with the updates Canonical publishes to all other Ubuntu users."

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