apt: links don't work

Category:bug report

Problem: When you try to launch a link like this apt:gpaint in order to install a software from the repositories using the web browser it should open you the window and find all the informations. Instead of that, nothing is found and the window remains empty.

How to Reproduce: 1) Open a new web page 2) Type this apt:shotwell 3) Press enter and wait for the Package Installer window do open.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 19:47

I am not able to reproduce this. I have a package installer window pop up when I follow your steps. What version of abrowser (or other browser) are you using?

Never mind. When I took a look at the windows I realised they were blank.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 20:15

The apturl and apturl-gtk command work well. I will try to see if any error comes out when the problem occurs.