Member jabber accounts are available!

Some months ago we set up a Jabber service at the Trisquel servers, and after testing it, we've decided to activate the creation of accounts for all our associate members.

To begin using this service, just point your client of choice to the sub-domain, entering the same login and password information you use to access your account at this website.

Don't forget to check SSL access for better privacy (using port 5223), and you're ready! If you have doubts about the XMPP protocol, Jabber or chatting matters in general, our associate member Magic Banana has written an extensive and useful resource about them at this wiki page. Other of our hard-working members, Sir Grant, has written this wiki page about chat encryption with Pidgin that you might also find very useful.

As we're having some problems to provide IRC cloaks to our associate members, we hope that using this service allows them to communicate with their circles while proudly waving the free software banner.

Thanks a lot to all the Trisquel community for their patience and support, and please look forward for our upcoming 6.0 release very soon.

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 00:58

Jabber today is one XMPP service like members.trisquel. This means Trisquel members uses XMPP protocol *not Jabber* =) Better one new title.