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Trisquel Community Guidelines

Trisquel is a fully free GNU/Linux distribution. It supports peoples' freedom, and education.

Our distribution terms support specific freedoms. These include auditing the instructions (source code) that make up our software, modifying the software, and distributing it, commercially or noncommercially. ("Commercial" is not the same thing as "proprietary".)

Our distribution terms allow others to learn from the knowledge that went into Trisquel. Anyone may read the instructions (code) that make up our software, and learn how our community made it all work. We encourage educational institutions that want to encourage learning, to use our software.

We believe in treating people fairly. We treat people fairly by releasing our work as free software. We also work toward this goal by supporting the Free Software Movement.

These are our community's guiding principles:

  1. Trisquel GNU/Linux is entirely free software, as the Free Software Foundation defines it. Trisquel will always adhere to these software freedoms. We will not distribute, recommend, or support non-free software. Non-free software may slip through into the system, despite our efforts. We will be vigilant, however, and will remove non-free software when we find it.
  2. Free manuals are an essential part of free software packages. We will only include documentation released under an appropriate free license. The manuals we distribute will not recommend or suggest non-free software.
  3. The Trisquel community will make all of its contributions available as free software. We prefer the strongest free software license, the GNU General Public License, as it best secures and defends software users' freedom. The GNU Lesser General Public License is acceptable in some circumstances.
  4. The Trisquel project is part of the Free Software Movement. We support the movement's philosophy. Although our guiding principles differ from open source supporters, we share some common ground with them. We are happy to collaborate on practical activities with the open source supporters. We ask those editing the Trisquel community wiki, posting to the forum, and using the mailing list to please avoid certain misnomers and propaganda terms and to keep in mind the spirit of free software and the GNU/Linux system.
  5. Non-free software is never a solution so please do not rationalize, justify, or minimize the consequences of proposing non-free software as a solution.

Code of conduct

  1. Discrimination: Don't discriminate against people based on age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ideology, ideas, social class, nationality, race, intelligence, or any analogous grounds.
  2. Language: Express yourself without hard language (i.e. cursing). Social norms differ from place to place. Hard language could deter people from visiting our site, or from getting involved in our community.
  3. Personal attacks: We don't tolerate personal attacks here. We encourage discussion. Disagree with others and challenge their ideas. Don't feed the trolls. Please report any flaming/flame-baiting to a moderator using the contact page.



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