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Andrew M. 'Leny' Lindley

Apprentice Trisquel Issues handler and patch writer. FSF member No.9933.

I'm an intermittent blogger at http://andrewlindley.co.uk/ which is pure GPL Wordpress and Plugins but that means the devs haven't sorted out LibreJS compatibility yet.
I'm also name at domain in the !fediverse

GPG Key fingerprint = 9D4E 367F 668B E7D3 5AD0 FD6C FD29 758B 592E BC27

Being neurodiverse(disabled), fluid and genderqueer I would make a decent hand in Privilege Check.

Hobbies include Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games, Writing and I dabble at Photography.

In the early 90s the medics told me I'd never see 2010, hence the handle/nick.


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6 years 23 weeks