Published Trisquel 2.2 Robur

Trisquel 2.2

Trisquel 2.2 Robur is ready for download. It is the third and last maintenance update for the 2.x LTS branch, which will be supported until 2013. The 6 ISO images released today -32 and 64 bit for all three editions- include more than 200 package updates, a new and cleaner GTK theme, and four new pre-installed languages -the list now includes English, Basque, Catalonian, Chinese, French, Galician, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish-. This language selection matches the one in Trisquel 3.0, which is almost ready for release.

A renewed download page is on the way -to make better use of the new US mirror hosted by the FSF-, and a mirror selector was added to the package manager too. The FSF is also helping us with the documentation, to make possible their server migration to this release of Trisquel.