Release announcement: Trisquel 9.0.1 Etiona security update

Images are available at or directly at and its mirrors.

This minor update to the 9.x "Etiona" series is intended to provide an up to date set of ISO images, both for use as an installation medium and as a live environment with newer packages. This addresses two main security concerns in the 9.0 original ISO images:

Along with those fixes, the release includes any other security update published upstream since we published Etiona, and the latest version of the Mozilla-based "Abrowser" (v93).

These updates will contribute to keep the v9.0 branch in good working order as it will continue to be actively maintained until April 2023.

In other news, the development of Trisquel 10 is ongoing at great pace, with initial ISO images being now available for testing at Please note that these images are not yet   intended for production usage, so use them only for testing and development or (as it is true in any case) at your own risk.