Trisquel 3.5 Awen release announcement

Trisquel GNU/Linux 3.5, codename Awen is ready. Click on the player below to see the video announcement (HD version) we made for the LibrePlanet 2010 conference. More info after the jump.

Can't see the video? Update your browser or watch it at Youtube

This release is a fully free Ubuntu 9.10 derivative that includes extra software, better multimedia support, more translations and a faster configuration. For this release we used Ext4 for the root filesystem and XFS for the home one, to have a balance between speed and usability. Some important features include a much faster boot process and the ability to encrypt the home directory. All packages were updated, including:

  • Linux-libre kernel 2.6.31
  • Xorg 7.4
  • GNOME 2.28
  • 3.1.1
  • Mozilla based Web Browser 3.5

You can find the 32 and 64 bit installable Live CD images in the download section, along with the source code and torrent files -which you can use to help us by seeding the isos-. Talking about help, you might like to lend a hand in our wiki, hunt and fix some bugs or start hacking with us on our next release, the second in the LTS branch, and the most promising ever!


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