Trisquel 4.5 development release, crowd funding and holiday presents

Trisquel 4.5 STS Slaine beta release

After the very successful release of our latest LTS edition -more than 17.000 direct downloads so far!- we are already working on the next one. Trisquel 4.5 STS Slaine will be based on Ubuntu 10.10, and the first beta images -installable live CD- are ready for download. You can follow the development in the wiki.

Crowd funding

We are starting a new method to support the project development. Here you can find a list of tasks that would improve the project, tagged with a price, and you can help us by funding part or the whole of those tasks. That way, and added to the generous donations we are also getting, in the future we will be able to have full time paid developers and turn this project into a mainstream distribution.

We just started this list, so we need many more tasks to be included. Leave your suggestions!

Trisquel gifts for the holidays

No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Gravmass or the advent of Gozer, giving Trisquel gifts is a great way to help the project too! In our store you can find a great set of products, including shirts, mugs, laptop sleeves, mouse mats and many more, shipping worldwide. You can also buy Trisquel live DVD's in a fancy printed sleeve and give your friends a bit of freedom.