Trisquel 4.5 "Slaine" released

Our latest version is ready for download. It includes a lot of updates, along with an overhaul of the development process -compilation scripts and build jails- which was largely upgraded to simplify automation. This improvements made it easier to apply changes to the upstream packages, leading to a much more polished result.

Along with many bugfixes, Slaine comes with a new boot manager for the live images, an improved installer which showcases the project highlights, and new programs like the Remmina remote desktop client, the social network client Gwibber or the backup tool Deja-dup. 

The web browser received several changes to improve speed -enabling http pipelining and other methods-, privacy -blocking third party cookies by default and moving to Duck Duck Go as default search engine-, and usability -the preinstalled FlashVideoReplacer plugin allows to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo and many others. This improvements have been backported to 4.0 LTS.

Slaine is based on Ubuntu 10.10, and as always it contains just free software. The main packages include:

  • Linux-libre 2.6.35
  • Xorg 7.5
  • GNOME 2.32
  • Mozilla based web browser 3.6.15
  • 3.2

One of the exciting improvements for this release is the availability of an experimental Nouveau driver for NVIDIA cards which allows for 3D acceleration using fully free software. It is very promising but still a bit unstable on certain cards, so it ships disabled by default. You can enable it by simply clicking here.

As usually it comes in 32 and 64 bit flavours, and being an STS release it will be supported for a year. Current Trisquel 4.0 LTS users can choose to keep using that release -which will be supported until 2013- or upgrade to 4.5 using the update manager. To make your system prompt for this update, configure the "Software Sources" program to show "Normal releases" instead of only LTS releases. This release will be the Live operating system included in the FSF membercards from now on -in replacement of Trisquel 4.0-.

You can help the project by downloading the iso images and seeding them via bittorrent. You can also help by buying gifts from our stores, by giving donations, or by becoming an associate member.

In the following days we will also release Trisquel 4.5 mini edition and an incremental update on the LTS branch.

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 14:44

jupiii! mi estas felicxa, ke existas tiu bela operaciumo.
dankon. ;)

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 19:19

Very good! I'm so happy!

Muy bueno, esto me pone muy contento.
Una duda: la próxima versión usará gnome 2.32? gnome 3? Unity? XFCE?

Flash todavía sigue siendo el talón de alquiles, infelizmente.
Mi wireless sólo funcionó 100% con el kernel 2.6.38, por lo tanto solamente puedo usar por ahora trisquel en mi desktop.

Um abraço do Brasil!

Thu, 04/14/2011 - 13:42

EO: Bone, mi ekŝutos tiun en minutoj.
Bela sistemo :) Mi uzas tiun de ĉirkaŭ duono de jaro (antaŭ tiu mi uzis Debian) kaj mi estas feliĉa, pli bone ol Debian ĉar tiu estas sen nelibera programoj.
Sed unu ideo - kial vi donas Mi pensas ke LibreOffice estas pli bone ĉar tio estas sen Oracle... mi uzas LibreOffice kaj mi pensas ke tio povas esti bone se vi adicios tiun [LibreOffice].
EN: Great, I will download it in minutes.
Beautiful system :) I use it from half of year (before it I used Debian) and I'm happy, better then Debian 'couse it's without non-free programs.
But one idea - why you give I think that LibreOffice is better cuz it's without Oracle... I use LibreOffice and I think that it can be great, if you add it [LibreOffice].
PL: Świetnie, pobiorę to za kilka minut.
Piękny system :) Używam go od pół roku (wcześniej używałem Debian'a) i jestem szczęśliwy, lepszy niż Debian, ponieważ bez niewolnych programów.
Ale jeden pomysł - dlaczego dajecie Myślę, że LibreOffice jest lepsze ponieważ jest bez Oracle... używam LibreOffice i myślę, że mogłoby być świetnie jak dodacie go [LibreOffice].