Trisquel GNU/Linux 6.0.1 LTS upgrade release

This is an incremental upgrade release which includes all of the maintenance updates and bugfixes since the publication of Trisquel 6.0. Users that already have 6.0 installed don't need to reinstall. Just use the update manager or apt-get dist-upgrade.

 The 6.0.1 release comes with several new features and updates:

  • Support for UEFI installation (amd64).
  • Abrowser upgraded to v28, with improved privacy settings.
  • Linux-libre updated to 3.2.0-60, 3.5 and 3.11 branches available in the repositories.
  • Added open-ath9k-htc firmware to the images.
  • Added all free firmware files to the netinstall images so they can be used over wifi.

Trisquel can now be installed on UEFI based computers by disabling the security system in the BIOS setup. We do not sign our kernels or boot managers as that would require us to request permission from Microsoft, something that shouldn't be needed in any case.

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Tue, 04/01/2014 - 01:58

thanks for Support for UEFI installation

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 03:57

After doing this and checking my release number with lsb_release -a, I noticed that I am still apparently running "6.0". Also, a large number of packages (mostly perl libraries) were removed, but I did not see any other changes.

Edit: Never mind, another update and am running 6.0.1 now :)