Trisquel at LibrePlanet 2013

This Saturday 23rd of March at 1:00pm (EDT, UTC-4) at LibrePlanet:

  • The Trisquel project, pushing together to the next level
  • Rubén Rodríguez, Trisquel Project Leader
  • Harvard Science Center in Cambridge, MA.
  • Lecture Hall D

The Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution was born nine years ago as a local college project but soon started to grow into a more general purpose operating system. Since 2008 it has been providing a libre Ubuntu based derivative, and has just published its latest major upgrade. Many challenges lay in the way of making a fully featured and fully free operating system, and still we added the goals of making it easy to use, attractive and accessible, so we need as many hands as possible. Join us for a new chapter of the project!

Come and join us for the LibrePlanet conference, we will be there during the whole event discussing all the free things and planing how to make the Trisquel project grow. If you can not be here, please join the live streaming of the event at

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 22:10

Full conference (high bandwidth version)

Speech only (low bandwidth version)

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