Trisquel upcoming events for 5.5 release

Trisquel 5.5 Brigantia is almost ready, and we will be showing it in two great events in the following days:

Northeast GNU/Linux festival

We have been invited to the second bianual Northeast GNU/Linux festival in Worcester -Massachusetts, USA- which is organized by Jonathan Nadeau, who helped improve Trisquel's accessibility in the last two releases. Many big names for a big event!


March, Saturday 17th:

  • 10 a.m. to 10:45 Jon "Maddog" Hall - Executive Director of Linux International
  • 11 a.m. to 11:45 Jonathan Nadeau - Frostbite Media
  • noon to 12:45 Max Mether - Manager of Training Services for SkySQL
  • 1 pm. to 1:45 Ruben Rodriquez - Founder of Trisquel
  • 2 p.m. to 2:45 Dru Lavigne - Director of the FreeBSD Foundation
  • 3 p.m. to 3:45 John Sullivan - Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation


And speaking of big events, we will be announcing the final Trisquel 5.5 Brigantia release during this year's LibrePlanet, the annual FSF conference in Boston.

Update! You can hear Ruben's (almost) full talk on libreplanet here . On the end is the announce of the 5.5 release being delayed 1 week


The schedule for Libreplanet is huge, you better read it here. The Trisquel release speech will be at 11:00, Saturday the 24th.

Sat, 03/17/2012 - 03:04

Will the speeches be filmed? Unfortunately I can't go, but I think we could share a copy with a torrent.

Sat, 03/17/2012 - 14:19

Yeah, I would like to see the conference too, especially Ruben's speech and the Brigantia presentation. The video should be attached to a main page article.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 13:44

"On the end is the announce of the 5.5 release being delayed 1 week"
I was sad to here that. I have wait for the new release for a long time.

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 10:26

It's been 10 days since 5.5 was delayed for a week. Still not released? What's going on? Any serious showstoppers?

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 23:41

It's here. This is my second day running 5.5 and it's quite nice.

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 10:07