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Though I have shared computers with other users since the early 90's, assembled my first desktop PC in 2007, dropped Windows and hard disk drives in 2010, exclusively used the Trisquel series of live media operating systems since 2018, my knowledge about computerized systems is extremely poor and I am still very far from being what I would like to be in the free software community maininly because I am confused about the steps I should take to achieve the necessary knowledge to reach my goals.

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In the 80's I knew nothing about computers.
In the early 90's I was forced at work to type data into a computerized system. In the late 90's I bought a second hand personal computer trying to understand how it worked.
I assembled a computer in 2007.
I was introduced to Barry Kauler's Puppy Operating Systems in 2008 and definitely dropped Windows and hard disk drives in 2010.
I have been using liveCD and LiveUSB Kauler's distributions in my self assembled computer (Pentium 4 - Asus P5G41T-M LX3 motherboard - 2GB RAM DDR3 - optical disc drive)since then.
Since March 2018 I began alternating between Puppy, Belenos and then Flidas live operating systems.
I don't use hard disc drives since I dropped Windows and boot from optical disc drives or USB flash drives and keep my stuff in USB flash drives.
I have no formal studies in IT and most of my little knowledge has been extracted from browsing the Internet.
I contributed with a couple of translations of the FSF's web site and became a FSF Student Associate Member on April 2011
I would like to be a successful promoter of free software and contribute in the development of free operating systems but I feel that I don't know enough about these subjects and I feel confused about the steps I should take to achieve the necessary knowledge to reach my goals.


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