Welcome to Trisquel GNU/Linux!

Useful resources for Trisquel users:

Getting help:

You can find help for Trisquel in our wiki and forum. You can also contact with us using the contact form, or connect to the #trisquel IRC channel at Libera.Chat and talk to other users and developers.

Keeping informed:

If you want to know more about the Trisquel project, get news, user advisory reports, or release announces for new versions, you can subscribe to our mailing lists. We also have a group in the microblogging service identi.ca.

Helping the project:

Trisquel is an open project where you can help in many ways: programming applications and enhancements, extending our documentation, translating software to your language, or simply using our system and reporting any bug you find.


Trisquel is a non-profit, community driven project funded by donations. All the software in Trisquel is both free and gratis, so the project relies on the community to sustain itself. You can easily help by making a donation.

We will spend the funds in development and web servers. It is our goal to receive enough funds to sustain the main development team, so in the future they will be able to work full time on the project.

If you want your donation to be publicly shown in our site, remember to press the "go back to Trisquel GNU/Linux" link at the end of the PayPal payment process. If you make a deposit in our account you can contact with us and we will manually add your donation to the list.

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