Alpha iso images: http://devel.trisquel.info/dagda/iso/

What's new

  • Based on Ubuntu 11.04
  • Linux-Libre 2.6.38
  • GNOME 2.32
    • LXDE 0.5 in Trisquel Mini
    • KDE 4.6 in Triskel
  • IceCat 5.0
  • LibreOffice 3.3.0


  • Icons in GNOME tray have no fixed size (fixed)
  • The default manual in yelp is the Ubuntu user guide (fixed)
  • Exaile doesn't come preconfigured (fixed)
  • The recovery menu lets you login as root with no password (fixed)
  • There is no selector to disable/enable compiz (partially fixed, needs work)
  • Clock applet doesn't start when logging in. http://imgur.com/PW7YJ (fixed)
  • Can't create accounts in Gwibber, the whole process is correct but does not add the account to the application (fixed).
  • There is a problem between firefox and gtk theme in the lower right corner http://imgur.com/GNtYM the area to enlarge the window blend with the lower navigation bar. (fixed)
  • Networkmanager asks for the wireless network password each time you log on. (fixed)
  • Gnote doesn't shows the gtk theme correctly. (Couldn't reproduce)
  • Can't open a link in a new window with GNU IceCat (fixed)
  • Trisquel IceCat Modifications conflicts with other extensions as Omnibar
  • gnome-panel doesn't start automatically in trisquel_5.0-20110806_i686's live (fixed)
  • Icons in the system tray are too close together and the button to display the desktop shows an expander http://i.imgur.com/D1nZv (fixed)
  • The initial window to add a bluetooth device shows the truncated text http://imgur.com/6snxt (Couldn't reproduce)
  • The Liferea's icon at systray doesn't match with the color of the theme http://imgur.com/04he9 (fixed)


  • Use HTML5 with Youtube by default since Firefox 5 is HTML5 compatible.
    • We may include flashpluginreplacer to do that task, even if gnash does now work well with youtube.
    • I would second the use of flashvideoreplacer to force webM (which is an option in the later releases). It is the preferred free format for video. ~SirGrant
  • Since we're now using actual Firefox, change the web browser panel icon to the Firefox logo, and the mouse-over text to say Firefox instead of Web Browser.
    • That icon is a pointer to the default browser, and it keeps working if you install another one, so I think it is better that way.
    • Also, Firefox was removed and replaced by IceCat.
  • Use Software Center instead of the old Add/Remove Programs. I know grvrulz managed to get it running under Trisquel.
    • If someone writes a package helper for that, we could add it back to the repository. But since the current app is simpler and works better in terms of accessibility, we will keep it as default in any case.
  • Replace Exaile with Clementine as default player, a full featured player and library.
    • Good player, but QT based. Maybe for the KDE based edition.(yes yes it is)
  • Add a list of feed in Akregator like Liferea
  • Choqok is needed for Triskel.
  • Ark is needed for Triskel.


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