Formatting on the Trisquel forum

Besides plaintext we can use some HTML markup on the Trisquel forums. The following tags can be used (among others): <img> <a> <em> <strong> <code> <strike>.

Elements may have attributes, some mandatory, some optional. Note that you can combine elements by nesting them. Examples follow.


This tag is used to embed pictures. Attributes: alt, title
<img src="" alt="Instead" title="Mouseover1">


This tag is used to link text to a URL. (Plain URLs themselves will make a link too here.) Attributes: title
<a href="" title="Mouseover2">Donate here</a>
Donate here


This tag is used to emphasize text. (usually italics)
You <em>really</em> need to focus
You really need to focus


This tag is used to strongly emphasize text (usually bold)
Trisquel is a <strong>great</strong> distro
Trisquel is a great distro


This tag is used to make a cute yellow box
<code>head /proc/{cpuinfo,meminfo}</code>
head /proc/{cpuinfo,meminfo}


This tag is used to strike over text
<strike>This requires a blob.</strike> It's been liberated!
This requires a blob. It's been liberated!


10/12/2015 - 09:58