Gluglug (Minifree Ltd) sells laptops with libreboot pre-installed. Libreboot is free (libre) boot firmware based on coreboot, intended to replace the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware. Boot firmware is the low-level software that runs when you turn your computer on, which initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your operating system.

The laptops additionally come with Trisquel GNU/Linux pre-installed. The laptops work 100% in Trisquel, without any binary blobs, including wifi. With the combination of libreboot and Trisquel, these laptops are fully freedom respecting. Even Richard Stallman uses libreboot!

The FSF also endorses Gluglug laptops, through the RYF certification program. The free BIOS replacement is rare, especially on laptops.

Francis Rowe, the director of Gluglug, is also the main libreboot developer. Profits from Gluglug sales are a direct funding source for the libreboot project; they pay for infrastructure (servers, domain name), hardware (new systems for porting to coreboot, then libreboot), pay for development (especially contracting out 3rd parties for coreboot development) and many other expenses.

The goal of both Gluglug and the libreboot project, is to ensure that everyone is able to use free software, exclusively. That was (and is) the only goal; all other goals are secondary, by comparison.

FSF approval

Gluglug laptops can be purchased, at


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