Installing KDE


Trisquel only comes with a Gnome and LXDE version, however it is possible to install KDE. This is actually a very simple task.

There are two methods to accomplish this. The first is probably the easiest. Use the netinstall version to install Trisquel and when tasksel comes up at the end choose "Triskel Desktop Environment". One can do this by using the arrow keys to navigate and pressing space to select. After you have chosen all the packages you would like press enter and wait for the installation to finish. When you are done you will have a functioning kde based system.

The second method is as follows. First, you must have a netinstall edition of Trisquel. During the installation it is recommended to select the console environment option. With this we have a base system from which we can install the KDE environment.

Trisquel 7 Notes

The next step is will be to install all the necessary packages for KDE in order to obtain a minimal and usable system. It is recommended to install xorg, kde-minimal, kdm, virtuoso-nepomuk, kdesudo, network-manager-kde, kmix, kpackagekit and system-config-printer-kde. Using aptitude, the easiest way to do this would be to issue the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install xorg kde-minimal kdm virtuoso-nepomuk kdesudo network-manager-kde kmix kpackagekit system-config-printer-kde

This will install all required packages to run KDE.

The advantage of using kde-minimal is that you can install any programs you would need with kde while maintaining a simple and light system. If you require a more complete system you can always replace kde-minimal with kde-standard or kde-full as needed.

After installing these necessary packages it will be possible to start using the KDE graphical environment.

Trisquel 8 Notes

In trisquel 8, the above packages are installed by default / no longer required in . However, by default, there is no window manager so you can't switch / close windows. Therefore, install one:

sudo apt install kwin-x11

If you want to change your desktop background, you have to change it separately for the login screen, splash screen, desktop background, lock screen and logout screens. Guidance on how to achieve this is available here:


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