Managing Panel Launchers

The default GNOME Panel in Trisquel comes with the Menu launcher along with the File and Web Browser launchers. You can add any other launcher that you would like with the following steps:

Adding a New Launcher

  1. Click Super + Alt + Right Click on the bottom panel.
  2. Select Add to Panel ...
  3. The Add to Panel dialog will appear. From here you can add Custom Launchers, standard Application Launchers, and various built in GNOME widgets. Select the Launcher that you wish to add and it will appear in the bottom panel.
  4. To move the launcher to the left side of the panel Super + Alt + Right Click on the launcher that you wish to move and select the Move option.

Removing a Launcher

You can remove any launcher from the panel by Super + Alt + Right Clicking on the launcher that you wish to remove and selecting the Remove from Panel option.


The screencast below (created with Kazam ) demonstrates how to add a new Terminal launcher to the main panel.


03/18/2016 - 04:26